Uncle Sam University presents movies that tell the story of America. Our mission is to collect, preserve, program and distribute a growing collection of historically relevant short subjects, documentaries, and feature films produced by the Hollywood studios and the U.S. government. We serve students, educators, librarians, historians, writers, film schools and film repositories - as well as history and movie buffs.

Uncle Sam University's TOPICAL FILM COLLECTIONS help history and social studies teachers meet state learning objectives using films produced during the era studied. The collections are available with or without curriculum. Our internet-based institution can help homeschoolers, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges meet their educational goals.

The immediacy of film helps history come alive in the classroom as students explore social studies topics related to the world wars and the experiences of minorities and women. Language arts and critical thinking objectives are met by the propaganda collections. Issues in economics are explored in the collections on the environment and industry. The history of American popular culture is exhibited in a rich array of rare and unusual film product.

Media instructors will discover classics from the early days of TV and film, some previously considered lost. Film collectors will discover rare and forgotten documentary and short-subject treasures, many featuring prominent stars like Cagney, Gable, Hepburn, and Sinatra -- from great directors like Capra, Ford, Huston and Wyler.

Uncle Sam University builds on the success of The Chudwig Group's award winning and critically acclaimed Uncle Sam Movie Collection anthology series, available here in its original format. Library Journal gave the series a RECOMMENDED rating. Video Librarian proclaimed: "Uncle Sam is a potent reminder of the power of the entertainment media in the shaping and molding of public opinion." The Big Reel wrote: "The series is truly an American self-portrait and a cultural time capsule."

UNCLE SAM UNIVERSITY is in development. To learn more about investment opportunities, e-mail Ben Truwe.

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